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2013 Event Committees 

 Spring Launch Party
March 9
Bill Meiner  Chair    Joan Forrester Co-Chair
Jack and Alice Carpenter
Carol and Diane Cini
Dev and Shelly Keenan
Terry and Deb Nelson
Taylor and Rosie Ryan
Fred and Shirley Taylor
Harry and Carol Thranhardt
John and Pam Kelliher
Rich and Sis Mitchell

Chili Cook Off
March 30
Lynn Williams Chair   Bill Meiner  Co-Chair

Irv and Beccy Hager
Mike and Jana Stidham
Charlie and Phyllis Coffee
Bob and Joyce Crandall
Flick and Linda Guerriana
Dave and Sue Leach
Thomas and Renee Yost

Aloha Party
April 27
Colleen Thede  Chair    Lynn Williams Co-Chair

Mike and Mary Ann Donahoe
Bill and Rosemary O’Brien
Glenn and Linda Halsey
Bill and Lois Miller
Larry and Sherron Oyler
Tom and Melody Roley
Ken and Irene Hoffman

Clam Bake
June 22
Connie Neuner  Chair    Bob Crandall  Co-Chair

Bob Salemme / Gail Capel
Jim and Barb Carey
Robert and Kay Creech
Leo and Erin Dusard
Ed and Phyllis Edwards
John and Teresa Frazer
Dick and Sally Gudis
Tatnall and Bonnie Hurtt
Walt and Joan Madsen
Marty and Linda Wright
Larry Welch
Bill and Mandy Tomz
Diane Jorge

Wooden Boat Race
August 17 (New Official Date)
Chris Christianson  Chair   Jerry Wisdo  Co-Chair

Chris and Pren Halladay
Bill and Linda Stalls
Bob and Lynda McKinley
Frank and Rosie Roviello
Steve and Ellen Simon
Rolf and Paula Thommen
Jack and Eileen Gordon
Bob Griffith
Tom & Renee Yost
Mike & Carmen Schultz

'Round Oak Island Race
Sept 14
Jerry Wisdo  Chair   Connie Neuner  Co-Chair

Jack and Julie Canny
Andrew and Cindy Cowell
Doug and Sherry Deal
Jerry and Ginny Hrabica
Don and Freda Jones
John and Nancy Askin
Ben and Pat Styers
Michael and Carolyn Stringer
Ron & Catherine Daigler
Bill & Ellen Engelhardt
Bob & Deb Percesepe

Carrol Harris  Chair   Chris Christianson  Co-Chair

Frank and Lynn Callis
Wayne and Susan Deutscher
Bill and Jane Epstein
Mack and Susan Johnson
Don and Gail Oakley
Bob and Cheryl Ludwig
Jack and Pat Garnier
Jim and Judy Reid
Garrett VanKaugnett and Laura Miller

End of Season Party
Nov 15
Joan Forrester  Chair   Colleen Thede  Co-Chair

Jerry and Pamela Biffle
Larry and Joyce DeLong
Nick and Dale Giannatasio
Harry and Leslie Hartsell
John and Wanda Luey
George and Donna Myers
Jeff and Tara Satterwhite
Jim and Bonnie Westbrook
Paul and Betty Anne Woodyard
Mike and Linda Tedder
Steve and Melody Fogarty
Chris & Kathie Egger

Christmas Flotilla
Dec 14th, 2013
Bob Crandall  Chair   Carroll Harris  Co-Chair

Sid and Polly Ellis
Mike and Marge Foote
Charles and Stephenie Macaluso
Hal and Marge Bolin
Brian & Pamela Donohue
Tom & Suzanne Williams
Wayne & Susan Deutscher
Peter & Kimberlee Wilding
Eric & Lisa Stettner
John & Dianna Suttle
Laura Miller / Garrett VanKougnett